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Privacy and Security

Is it safe to shop online?
The security of online shopping is a concern for many people, and with good reason. The Web has seen a dizzying array of scams and fraud, and the press has eagerly reported every sensational detail. Because shopping on the Internet is still very new, it is often vulnerable to tampering and misuse.

Two things that are not new, however, greatly improve the security of online shopping: credit cards and encryption. If you purchase items with a credit card you are protected to large degree by the credit card company against fraudulent charges. If you only shop on secure sites - those that allow for the encrypted transmission of personal information - you are greatly protected against having your credit card number and other information intercepted by someone with malicious intent.

You can improve your safety by dealing only with well-established or familiar businesses. Let your instincts be your guide when dealing with unfamiliar companies. Does the site look legitimate or "fly-by-night"? Does it display Privacy and Security information? Contact information? A Returns Policy? Is the business established? While most online businesses are legitimate, these tips can help you avoid the few that aren't. uses the industry standard SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) on its shopping cart order page. Even in the unlikely event that your credit card number and other personal information are intercepted, they will be impossible to decode.

We respect your privacy!
Web sites frequently gather information about you when you make a purchase. Most of the time this is simply the basic information needed to fulfill the order. Some sites collect additional information - usually without your knowledge - to help them understand your likes and interests so they can tailor their marketing efforts to your individual tastes and needs. There are a few unscrupulous sites however that gather information in order to sell it to other companies, or to market to you in aggressive and invasive ways.

Be careful when giving out personal information online! Never send your credit card number by unencrypted email or enter it into a form that isn't secure. (TIP: most web browsers display a small, closed padlock or something similar to indicate that a page is secure. When this is in place all information relayed by that page will be encrypted.)

When you provide your email address try to find out if the site will use it only for the kinds of communication that you permit. Very often you will see checkboxes that ask if you would like your email address to be used by other companies for marketing purposes. Unless you like to receive large amounts of junk email, check "NO".

Occasionally you might prefer to allow a web site to send you email. At WestMoonKids we will periodically send out an email notice telling our customers about sales, upcoming events, etc. Some of our customers wish to be informed in this way. We will not, however, send this kind of email to you unless you have specifically informed us that you wish to receive such mailings.

Unless you grant specific permission, will not use your email address for any purpose other than to fulfill your order. We will not sell or otherwise provide your email address to any other company except where it is necessary for order fulfillment and transaction processing.

We want you to enjoy shopping at and feel safe doing so. Tell us how we can earn your trust. Send email with comments or suggestions to:

Yours truly,
Carin and Mark Perrins

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